Spark-Free Filter Element (Double Antistatic Lining) for Electrostatic Discharge

Spark-Free Filter Element (Double Antistatic Lining)

Fluitec Spark-Free filter elements employ an advanced media technology to dissipate triboelectric charges generated via the flow of fluids through filter media. The unique media ensures a low charge across both media and fluid over long periods of time to mitigate sparking.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a common problem with modern ash-free, zinc-free hydraulic and lubricating oils. These highly refined oil formulations do not contain the heavy metals of previous generation fluids. Oil passing through hydraulic or lubricating system filters can generate static charges leading to high-voltage sparks from filter media to the filter’s metal support tube. These sparks can lead to oil degradation and varnish as well as to component damage and potential explosions. Varnish in oil has a number of well-known consequences, including seized valve spools, overheated solenoids and filter clogging. 

Fluitec Spark-Free filter elements are suitable for power generation applications (both for gas turbine lubrication systems and conventional power plant use), plastic injection molding machines, mobile hydraulics, pulp and paper and other applications that employ low-conductivity oils. 

The filter elements can be used as direct replacements for most major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filter elements.

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