MPC Membrane Patch Prep Kit 220v (includes pump, 0.45 uM patches)

MPC Membrane Patch Prep Kit 220v (includes pump, 0.45 uM patches)

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MPC Membrane Patch Prep Kit 220v (includes pump, 0.45 micron patches)

Vacuum/Pressure Pumps - Flow rates of up to  37 L/min

These high output pumps feature a piston-driven design for greater power.  As chemical duty pumps they have a chemically-resistant head and diaphragm for use with corrosive chemicals and solvents.

The 47 mm membrane is composed of mixed cellulose membrane & has a 0.45 micron pore size. With biologically inert mixtures of cellulose acetate & cellulose nitrate, these membranes are widely used in analytical/research applications.


MPC is the only ASTM method for determining Varnish Potential

ASTM D7843: Standard Test Method for Measurement of Lubricant Generated Insoluble Color Bodies in In-Service Turbine Oils using Membrane Patch Colorimetry.

Lubricating oils used in applications such as compressors, turbines and hydraulic systems are prone to reliability and performance problems due to oil deposits like sludge and varnish. MPC test is designed to separate oil degradation products and measure their color. This indicates the likeliness of deposits causing performance problems in your system.

For colorimetric fluid contamination analysis.  Monitors varnish and particulate contamination rapidly in hydrocarbon-based hydraulic fluids, bulk chemicals, boiler water, phosphate ester and lubricating oils such as turbine and compressor oils.